Intelligent Waste Management

Avoid littering  |  Optimize resources  |  Profit through efficiency

Monitor the level of your waste- and recycling containers online, 7x24 hours.

Plan your service tours more efficiently and at the same time reduce your logistics costs by up to 50%.


clean area is a simple and widely available cloud service.


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Optimized disposal logistics - our complete solution for you!

Intelligent fill level gauging

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Optimized disposal logistics - our complete solution for you!

Communities & Companies


clean area "Local" is for communities that need to manage waste containers in remote, sensitive or high-traffic locations.


Through the use of clean area you always have an overview, prevent an undue increase in service time and excessive local littering, and thereby maintain the attractive, well-kept townscape of your community or your company.


On demand

Cities & Regions


clean area is suitable for teams and organizations that need to dispose of a larger number of waste containers.


You always have an overview of all current and predicted fill levels, including appropriate evaluations.


Easily get your data into Excel and create your own management reports.


On demand



clean area is suitable for organizations that want to manage a larger number of waste containers and optimally plan the emptying tours of their vehicles.


You are responsible for the smooth operation and for ensuring the timely and efficient emptying of the containers. Prevent overflow of containers and manage the discharge at the same time economically.


On demand